Training and Colt Starting

Everyone who aspires to be a great horseman knows that living the dream takes skill, sensitivity, perseverance and a sense of humor. Each horse needs a little bit different feel and timing.

For horses just starting, or those who need problem solving or retraining, Justin believes in:

- Respect on the ground
- Respect under saddle
- Concentrated training both on the ground and under saddle
- Long trail rides and wet saddle pads make your horse a good, working partner
- Suppleness under saddle and on the ground

Training includes mustang gentling and starting, colt starting, problem solving, and training for reining and other Western performance events.
Training and Colt Starting

Full time 6 days per week $450/month
plus  board
Quarter time 4 days per week $350/month
plus board
Half time
2-3 days per week
plus board
Riding/legging up
2-3 days per week
plus board
By the ride $45 per ride
plus board
For training and colt starting, Justin works out of Hillcrest Farms in Sunol, CA. This  facility is located in Sunol's beautiful rolling hills, with pasture, stall and paddock options for your horse in training.

Stall and paddock with feed, cleaning and shavings $350/month
Stall and paddock with feed and cleaning, provide your own shavings or pellets $300/month
Stall and paddock
feed only - you clean

Paddock with shelter with feed and cleaning $250/month
Pasture with feed $200/month
Board prices are subject to change due to changes in hay prices.

Blanketing: $35 per month, or $2.00 each time
Graining: $3 per time
Turnout: $10 each time
Lunging: $20 each time
Meet vet/chiropracter: $15 each time
Medication, wound care, doctoring: prices vary based on need and vet's instructions
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